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What We Do 
MXM Ventures provides strategic capital infusions and specifically targeted management expertise to entrepreneurial real estate Investors who want to buy real estate assets for investment purposes.  MXM Ventures' capital structure is privately held, internally decided and directly funded.  MXM Ventures holds a unique posture in the marketplace because we are structured as an “asset based” joint venture platform.  That simply means that we base our decision to invest in YOUR deal on ONE THING:  the property being pledged to the venture.  

We are not real estate brokers, nor real estate agents. Our joint venture offers and decision making is determined in-house by our experienced due diligence team.  We typically make a decision to fund or joint venture by issuing a Term Sheet within 24-48 hours of receiving a Joint Venture Application

The Real Estate market is extremely hot and currently provides a lot of opportunity to potential real estate investors.  An intelligent thinking Investor will take advantage of the current market by doing as many deals as possible. However, deals REQUIRE you to be decisive, move quickly and have access to capital. Why risk using your own money or trying to raise money from loved ones.  Choose MXM Ventures as your venture partner and you can increase your deals and limit your risks.
The Application Process
Guidelines for venture submission: MXM Venture will only consider funding or joint venturing on projects where you are in control of the property being evaluated.  This means you must either already own the property OR the property is “under contract” and is non-cancellable.   In addition, you or an entity you control, must be listed as the purchaser.   

Time line for a reply and term sheet: Our on-line application process is streamlined and designed to get you a response in the shortest possible period of time. Provided the on-line application is filled out completely, we generally will respond with an offering term sheet within 24-48 hours. 

The term sheet 
will contain the terms and conditions that MXM Ventures would be willing to approve participation in the venture. MXM Ventures will stipulate the capital contributions, capital costs (cost of funds), equity participations (where applicable), management responsibilities of the venture participants and we will propose what we believe is a fair and equitable profit sharing arrangement. The MXM Ventures term sheet provides comprehensive details of the proposed transaction and structure so that a YOU can make an informed decision of how to move forward.