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About MXM Ventures Private Money Lending Program

MXM Ventures Private Money Lending Program is a relationship-based private money lender to real estate investors and rehabbers. MXM Ventures is synonymous with transparency and professionalism.  Not only does MXM Ventures turn deals around quickly, we do so with the most competitive pricing and terms. MXM Ventures will work with both new and experienced investors.  MXM Ventures has developed a streamlined borrower approval process, and we regularly joint venture with borrowers who may not have the experience or other challenges that we can help them overcome.

Lending Parameters

We value our unique relationship with our borrowers and as well as the unique circumstances of each of our deals.  These guidelines information but each deal is evaluated independently. 


Loan Amount $ 40,000 to $ 2,000,000
Rate 7 % to 15 %
Loan-To-Value Up to 90 %
Loan-To-Cost Up to 90 % including renovation costs
Term 3 to 24 months
Origination Fees 1 to 5 pts, depending on loan size and maturity
Closing Time 7 to 14 days (faster upon request)
Recourse Personal guaranty required in some cases; deals securitized by the pledged property
Required Insurance Title insurance naming MXM Ventures as insured and property insurance naming MXM Ventures lender as additional 
insured and loss payee
Collateral Type First lien position on subject property 
Type of Loans Acquisitions, Renovations/Construction, Refinance
Type of Properties Single Family Homes and 2-18 unit residential developments
Lending Area Georgia; North Carolina & Texas; Other states on a case by case basis
Day 1
Submit application online or call MXM Ventures
Day 2
Due Diligence Team determines if YOUR deal is the RIGHT DEAL
Day 3
Receive Decision and Terms
Day 7-14
Get Funded
Months 3-7
Complete your Rehab (use our service licensed, bonded and insured preferred contractors)
Months 4-12
Sell the Property—Pay Off loan—Cash out your profits